Transform your organization, one idea at a time.

We combine specific tools and approaches with deeply customized executive education. Our skills and knowledge have been honed from decades of experience with clients from around the globe.

Our approach

We start by understanding your context, your mission and your vision for the future.  Then we partner with you to fine tune or transform your abilities to innovate and manage risks. Our solution portfolio includes:

  • Organizational inclusiveness assessment
  • Development 360-degree inclusiveness assessment
  • Customized leadership development programs
  • Tools and approaches for inclusive ideation, collaboration, and risk management


We developed Teamput to mirror face-to-face sticky-note  brainstorming. Giving everyone a few minute to gather their own thoughts on notes before sharing and collaborating with a group dramatically increases the volume and quality of ideas.

Teamput is the only cloud-based app that offers a private (or small group) idea-generation canvas with a side-by-side collaboration canvas. It's just like capturing your private ideas quietly at a table and then sharing them on a wall.  With Teamput you don't need to be in the same room, and a single click send the text from the session to a PDF.